Experienced Team


Michael Selvaggio is the President of Direct Action Partners Inc., an Oregon-based signature gathering, field, and direct marketing firm.  Michael brings more than a decade of experience working with state government and in crafting and passing a wide array of progressive initiatives.  As the policy director to the State Treasury, Michael was intimately involved in the ballot title and financial impact assessment process on a number of proposed initiatives.  With a deep history in both policy development and campaign work, Michael has built a reputation as a trusted resource on state policy and compliance issues.



Stacey Dycus is the Vice President of Direct Action Partners Inc., and the founder of Prospect, a full-service communications, government relations, and multimedia firm based in Portland, Oregon.  Stacey has extensive experience running political campaigns, coalition building, coordinating advocacy campaigns, and communications plans including media relations, social media, and public relations.



Maribeth Healey has served in a variety of nonprofit, government and campaign roles for over two decades. From labor and environmental issues to health care and  civil rights, Maribeth has been fighting for justice since she was a young child. Growing up in Massachusetts the political bug bit her early; she  worked on her first campaign at the age of 10 and hasn’t stopped since. Healey has been instrumental in building winning coalitions heralded with passing statewide and local measures as well as achieving legislative victories in Florida and Oregon.  Maribeth joined Direct Action Partners as our Director of Client Development in February.