CASE STUDY: Oregonians for
High School Success

Direct Action Partners was engaged to gather signatures for this Oregon ballot initiative. In order to get on the ballot, 88,000 valid signatures were required. Oregon has a myriad of rules and regulations involving payroll restrictions and registration for signature gatherers, which can be challenging for teams without in-state experience. Direct Action Partners hired up quickly and hit the streets within days due to our working understanding of state requirements.

To ensure a statewide effort, we opened three primary offices around the state as well as a traveling crew. We achieved a 79% validity rate -- the highest in the State of Oregon.  In fact,  DAP collected more signatures with a higher validity rate in a shorter amount of time than any other 2016 state measure. Our efforts wildly exceeded the client’s expectations.

"DAP did a truly exceptional job gathering signatures for Stand for Children's High School Success ballot measure, finishing ahead of schedule and under budget, and achieving the highest validity rate the Oregon Secretary of State had seen in a long time. This is an organization with the leadership, expertise, and operational capacity to deliver.” -Jonah Edelman

It’s common for Oregon ballot measure efforts to take up to 10 months to execute a signature gathering campaign. Direct Action Partner’s strategic and dynamic process completed this action in 3 months. And while most other groups determine the length of a campaign based on guesswork,  Direct Action Partners gets to know our client and their needs, creating a disciplined, structured plan customized to the client’s needs. that gets the job done while achieving a high validity rate.