The DAP Difference

Direct Action Partners Inc., DAP, is a national signature gathering and field company based in the Pacific Northwest. Our team has decades of experience in all aspects of campaign work.

DAP specializes in gathering signatures and qualifying measures. We’ve worked in many states throughout the nation, including Oregon, Missouri, California, and Idaho among others.

At the end of the day, it’s all about qualifying your measure(s) for the ballot. Our unique approach to quality control procedures are very stringent. With DAP you don’t spend money and then hope you qualify at the end. Our top-notch validity process — powered by our proprietary software — lets you know exactly where you stand every week.

In Oregon last cycle, DAP achieved the highest validity rate in the state; State elections officials wrote we did an “outstanding job” and our validity rate was “phenomenal.


From small town campaigns to large national efforts, our experience will work for you.


We monitor results in real time to maximize efficiency.


Our investment in staff training means you can count on every canvasser championing your issue with knowledge and enthusiasm.


We provide oversight of compliance and signature qualification so you don’t have to.